The areas that I cover

Counselling can help you with your own personal internal world to assist you through difficult times and understand how you think, feel and behave. Counselling will help you find who you truly are within life's challenges. Counselling is for you if you feel that you have come to a time in your life when it seems a bit too hard to go it alone, I can help you unravel the internal difficulties that you face and help you find a way through to becoming your true self.

Coaching is made up of various skills and theories to equip you to find a positive way forward in your external life i.e: House move, redundancy, job change etc. Coaching is a stand alone intervention or used following Counselling to help you find solutions to certain external areas of your life that you may find difficult, for example finding a new career path, juggling everyday life or becoming more organised as a person for example.

Coach-Therapy is an integrative approach using the relationship of Counselling and the forward movement of Coaching, all of this is done at your pace and with you in control. I will work collaboratively with you offering a transparent, honest, non-judgmental safe space for you to explore what you would like to change in your life and how you can achieve this. The relationship is fundamental to your change and we will achieve this by working at your pace. I will challenge you when I feel it is appropriate to and beneficial to your journey. Coach Therapy can help with various difficulties that life throws at us and can help you see a way through. Difficulties such as relationship problems, anxiety, stress, low mood, depression, anger or behavioural problems in children (including self-harm/social anxiety/low self-esteem).

Children and Young People

I provide a safe contained space for Child to secure their own identity, through the use of various materials such as, Art materials and toys. Early intervention can help children through a difficult time and equip them with key life skills to help them grow a resilience and to learn transferable skills to deal with future challenges.

This space enables your child to tell their own story using the language of play. Children don't always need to talk about something, they just need the space to explore and understand their life through a medium they know best, play.

My work is child led and I encourage the child to choose what they want from their work with me.

The space I provide empowers the child to work through their own issues in a way that suits their style and needs at a pace that suits them.

Young People and Adults

Can access either Counselling or Coaching or an integration of the two disciplines, I will work collaboratively in a way that suits each individual person. We will start with a contract so that you are in control of the sessions and what you want from them.

What my services can offer

I am Helen Whitehead and I am a Humanistic Counsellor and Coach. We will work together to help you put the pieces of your life back together. My background is a Foundation Degree and a BA(Hons) in Counselling and Coaching - Read more...

Thinking about counselling?

If you think it's time to change bad habbits, then look no further. I would love to help you on your journy and if you have any questions or queries reeguarding my services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today - Read more...

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